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Olga Schellenberg was born 1976 in Tallinn, Estonia. From her early childhood on she liked to draw, to sew, to invent and to create something from nothing. At school she was all the time involved in different school art events.

In 2000 she graduated at the Tallinn University, where she received her bachelor degree in Pedagogy.  In the same year she began to work at a school as organizer of creative activity for teenagers.

In 2012 she graduated at the Tallinna Vanalinna Kunstikool (art school). Her graduation project was the creation of a triptych in the art of tapestry. The theme of the thesis Olga chose, was the African ornament. Since then, Africa has become her favorite subject.

In 2012 she moved to Groningen in the Netherlands, where she started seriously thinking about a career as an artist. Now she organizes several exhibitions of her work at home, she participates in art competitions and exhibitions, and tries to work with different art techniques.

In September 2015 she participated in the art competition Pintar Rapido in Amsterdam. Meeting new artists and doing new joint projects give her also inspiration and energy to create Art.

Olga created countless amount of unique souvenirs and postcards. She also organizes drawing workshops for everyone.

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